NCAA Compliance Rules and Regulations:

Mentors, Please be aware of the following:

Extra Benefits:
An extra benefit is any special arrangement by a UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI employee or booster. As a booster, alumni, or fan of UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI you cannot be directly or indirectly involved in making any arrangements for a prospect, student-athlete, or their relatives or friends, to receive material or tangible extra benefits of any kind that are not available to the general public or authorized by NCAA rules.

A prospect or student-athlete, or their relatives or friends, may not accept an extra benefit.  Receipt by a prospect, student-athlete, or their relatives or friends, of an impermissible award, benefit, or expense allowance can render the individual ineligible and jeopardize the institution.

Some examples of extra benefits include, but are not limited to:
Cash, clothing, haircut, concert or sporting event tickets, or any type of gift; Loans or cosigning of loans; Vehicle or the use of a vehicle, Payment for, or the arrangement of, any transportation costs for student-athletes, their relatives or friends; Free or reduced cost goods or services; Free or reduced cost housing; The sale or trade of complimentary admissions for merchandise, services, or debt repayment; or  The sale or trade of any items a student-athlete has received for his or her participation in athletics (e.g. gear, clothing, awards). However, benefits generally available to the entire student body or the general public are permissible for both student-athletes and prospects.

A permissible benefit a booster can be involved with is an occasional meal. Occasional meals must be held in the home of the booster, not at any other location, but may be catered. Or, on campus. Additionally, the Athletics Compliance Office must pre-approve all occasional meals. Occasional meals are permissible for student-athletes only.  Prospects and their relatives or friends are not permitted to receive occasional meals.

A booster may employ or arrange for the employment of a student-athlete as long as the student-athlete has registered the job with the Athletics Compliance Office before beginning work. As an employer, you will be required to sign paperwork before employment of a student-athlete begins. A booster may also employ or arrange for the employment of a prospect, provided he or she has signed a NLI and the employment does not begin prior to the conclusion of the prospect’s senior year.

Compensation for prospects and student-athletes: Must be for work actually performed; Must be at a rate commensurate with the going rate in the CITY area for similar services; and  May not include payment for the value or utility that the student-athlete may have for the employer because of the publicity, reputation, personal following or fame that the individual has obtained. Additionally, an employer may not use the name, picture or appearance of an enrolled student-athlete to advertise, recommend, endorse, or promote sales or use of a commercial product or service of any kind.

Remember, a student-athlete may not receive any extra benefits from their employer. A student-athlete may only receive benefits that are available to all other employees. This includes benefits such as food, transportation and clothing or apparel.

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