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From one playing field to the next, Bearcats Go Pro is connecting student athletes with a professional network and potential employers to discover their next steps in the workplace.

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Connecting student-athletes with a professional network to guide their journey

The mission of Cincinnati Athletics Professional Network is to create and develop personal relationships between Cincinnati Athletics athletic alumni and Cincinnati Athletics student-athletes. The connection is designed to assist, challenge, and prepare those student-athletes for life after sport and to ensure an easier transition into the professional world.

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Offer athletes access to individuals who have been in their shoes and can offer relevant advice.


Build a solid support system of individuals that know the journey of the athlete through their own experiences.


Give athletes the opportunity to grow personally and professionally by meeting a professional network that have similar aspirations.

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Use Game Plan to recruit and hire current and former Cincinnati student-athletes. Post jobs, review profiles, network with athletes, and more.

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